Abundant Living Self Study Course

The ABUNDANT LIVING COURSE contains 4 life transforming lessons (one each week) on making room for AND creating more of what you desire in your life

Think about the type of life you want to live and imagine how much your life can change by this time next year...

IT IS POSSIBLE if you believe it is because God SAYS IT'S POSSIBLE!

YOU + GOD = An amazing force!!!

I once truly struggled to believe, I believed only in what I could see or hear but then that changed. Once my belief changed, I changed and then my life changed.

That's why I appreciate the saying, "for your life to change your LIFE HAS TO CHANGE".

But you need to get over you before you can truly begin to create what you deeply desire.

YOU have to walk the walk, face the fears and move past resistance for you to experience that Abundance.

What do you deeply desire more of in your life?

Are you ready to go after it now or wait for next year to come and go?

This course will show you how to:

  • Understand what is holding you back from living an Abundant Life
  • Show you how to master your thoughts and emotions so that you can stand in faith
  • Apply psychology and faith in a way that enables you to create the Life you truly desire
What's included in the course?
  • 4 downloadable audio teaching mp3
  • 4 accompanying workbooks
  • Access to previously recorded Live QnA sessions
  • Addons: weekly email support or access to FB community
Week 1

This week is all about learning to tune into our vision of Abundance and letting go of the things that stop us from living it out. We start powerfully as we mean to go on.

Week 2

Our emotions can get in our way if we let them, so this week I will show you how to become the master of your emotions instead of the other way around.

Week 3

Take back control of your thoughts, learn how to use your thoughts in a way that support you in creating an abundant life.

Week 4

We put all the pieces together with your actions over the last 3 weeks to create a strategy for walking in our blessings instead of waiting for them to happen to us

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