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Achama Ukpabi

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Anti-Anxiety & Stress management eCourse for Christians

So many Believers suffer from anxiety, depression, fear and low self-esteem/worth, left unchecked these feelings can set in deep roots in the heart preventing us from living the free and abundant life that God truly desires for us.

Psalm 91 is universal favourite for combating these negative emotions, and this was the case for me when YHWH led me to meditate on it during a very difficult period in my life.

Using Psalm 91 as my template I will take you on a 38 day journey that will help you to reduce stress, anxiety and worry whilst gaining greater confidence in the love and protection of God.

This is a standalone self-led devotional style ecourse which includes the following:

  1. Devotional style e-course that will take you on a journey through Psalm 91. Discover deep gems that will enable you to understand and tackle the roots of fear, stress, worry and anxiety and be more grounded in the peace and trust of God.
  2. Accompanying audio meditations - Nine 8 minute audio meditations based on 1 or 2 verses from Psalm 91.

This would usually cost over £60 but I would like to give you the opportunity to kick fear, worry, stress and anxiety to the curb for only £27!

Journey with me through these 9 meditations accompanied to soothing instrumental piano music and space for quiet reflection.

Meditation 1: My Secret Place

Meditation 2: My Fortress

Meditation 3: My Deliverer

Meditation 4: My Shield

Meditation 5: Lo Ira (No fear)

Meditation 6: My Judge

Meditation 7: El Elyon (God Most High)

Meditation 8: My Guardian

Meditation 9: More than a Conqueror!

1 PDF and 9 MP3
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